Dani Torlentino: Certified Emotional Breakthrough

& Law of Attraction Specialist

Feel, Choose
& Be Happy

I will guide you to a happy life by embracing your emotions

I specialize in

Boosting your

Helping you to become more confident about yourself. To be happy about yourself, exactly the way you are and create a life filled with happiness and joy. So that you can walk into a room and feel it: This is me!

Choosing the life
you want to live

Helping you create the life that you have always wanted. Filled with love, excitement, joy, empowerment and fun, by being ALL IN !

limiting beliefs

Helping you clear limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating more happiness, ease and joy in every area of your life.

How I can help you be happier


One-on-One Coaching

3 months of one-on-one coaching with me. We shift your limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs. By using different techniques : EFT, Inner Child Work, Belief Trees, Freedom Formulas, Meditations



I will teach you how to use the most powerful tools and give you the knowledge on how you can create the life you love. By learning about how the Law of Attraction works you can create, be and have anything you desire in your life.

I want you to get excited about
who you are and the life you can live!

Dani Torlentino

About me

I am Dani Torlentino. Certified Breakthrough & Law of Attraction Specialist

My passion is to help people who want to feel more confident and to be happy with who they are, exactly as they are. By shifting limiting beliefs, fears, trauma and heavy emotions. There is a whole other world out there for anyone who wants more out of life than what they experiencing right now.

After a life time of exploring my world, my beliefs, my emotions and my way of looking at my life, I have found a whole new level of awareness and opened the path to a life full of joy, passion, fun and excitement. And I love teaching this to others!

There are no limits, just limiting beliefs! When you live from your heart and not from your head, anything is possible…

Happy Clients

I love working with Dani, she has helped me find myself, I have released a lot of negative blocks particularly around self-love and relationships. Dani makes you feel safe in her company I feel I can express myself freely without any judgment, we have laughed and cried together throughout this process. Dani is empathetic, insightful and knowledgeable she knows exactly how to guide your through your limiting beliefs. Thank you Dani for being beautiful Incredible and inspiring

Hannah Watson

Dani is absolutely amazing! She worked with me and was able to help me pinpoint a few areas that I was totally coming at from a disempowering perspective. She is awesome at what she does and I have nothing but admiration for her. Thank you Dani for helping me see how powerful I really am. You are beautiful inside and out.


Dani is the one you want if you want down to earth, straight talking love and support. Dani holds loving gentle space to explore the depths of what’s going on. For me, before I went to see Dani something was off and I couldn’t pinpoint the issue. We delved into it and I found at the bottom of it was an situation I had not properly dealt with before and I could see how it permeated so many parts of my life. Working together to reframe that perspective has meant that I easily and effortlessly take action on things I for so long had wanted to do but couldnt find myself wanting to do.


Working with Dani was fantastic! She helped me clear some limiting beliefs that I have been struggling with for years…I was able to see the thoughts that have been holding me back and shift them so I feel a newfound lightness and freedom. Dani is patient and understanding, and was able to assist me in letting go of a relationship that no longer serves me. I definitely recommend working with Dani!

Courtney Tinder

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