— Welcome, I’m Dani

About me

I am Dani Torlentino
and I am a certified Breakthrough Specialist & Empowerment Coach.

I am also a Reiki Master
and an Access Bars practitioner.

I coach people from all over the world to give them their power back and to give them the confidence that they can do, have or be anything they want in life. To get them excited again about themselves and their lives!

Now …my life is pretty darn awesome. I live in a beautiful house with a garden, I have the love relationship I always wanted, I am the proud owner of my Company, Dani Torlentino and I manifested my dream car not so long ago. I am enjoying my life to the fullest. But.. I need to be honest. I never expected to have all of this…During my whole life I have felt small, invisible, very insecure and out of sync. I did not know who I was. I was wearing masks all the time.

I was constantly adjusting myself, adapting myself, to situations, to my work, to my family, to people. That ended up getting involved with men who were unfaithful, losing the joy for my job, losing myself completely and people treated me like I was insignificant. One guy actually stole all of my money, I was left bankrupted and alone. I wanted to be loved so bad… But it never worked out.
It got to a point that I was very depressed, lonely and sad. I felt I was a basket case, most of the time, certainly not capable of finding the joy and excitement in life.

But that all changed…

I needed to take a good look at myself. My beliefs, my perspectives, my inner dialogue, because what I was telling myself, was not a pretty story.
So I did the work and I shifted those untrue truths.

When I look at myself in the mirror now, there is a different woman staring back at me. I see a woman that is very, strong and very loving, beautiful and creative. I see a woman that is confident and radiating energy. And I FEEL AMAZING! I needed to do the work, yes, but it was SO WORTH IT! And I want you to know, that you can change your life too. You can be confident, strong, excited about your life and yourself too! There is a light in you that just needs some igniting!
You could say that I have had my share of ups&downs. I went from depression to a happy creator of my life. My greatest lesson has been that I learned how I can trust in myself and trust in my inner voice and to see things in the right perspective. I am a high sensitive soul and my feelings and emotions are so important! They are my guidance system. I am the super-creator of my life and I would love to teach you how to do that too!

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