When you feel out of Whack

When you’re present, really present …  And by being present I mean : Here, fully aware and not being dragged along by your thoughts, you will have all the answers and clarity you are searching for so desperately. Become aware of your thoughts and emotions. Observe them, listen to them, feel them without judgement. Be the […]

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It’s all about YOU

This is a message that is Inspired on a Dutch post I read on Facebook yesterday. A lot of people experience their world thru the eyes of another. What ‘they’ say often leads them and influences their behavior, strips them from their power. When you see, that no one has power over you, no one

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Dani Torlentino - Coach

You are not what happened to you

You are not what happened to you Often times, we come across emotions That seem to ‘just pop up’ It may seem like that But when things ‘just’ rise to the surface It means It’s time to explore it … It is time for you to detach from the thing that happened It is time

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Dani Torlentino - Coaching

Food for thought…

For all of you who want to have more love, fun, joy and flow… in any relationship … No more BS. I need to tell you something and it is really important that you get this. If you are in a relationship that is challenging, ‘hard work’ or not flowing and going the way you

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Dani Torlentino - Coaching

I had it all

I had it all…I had an exciting life, I lived the dream!I was working as a flight attendantAnd I was traveling the worldOne day I would be floating on a raft with a jeep in BrazilThe next week I’d be having lunch in Buenos AiresThe week after that I’d be eating fresh sushi and jump

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Dani Torlentino - Coaching

How fun it is to choose!

How excited are you when you choose? The more we consciously choose, the more we see changes appear. Sometimes we seem to be on auto pilot. We ride to work the same route every day, we eat the same breakfast every day. And there are many many more things that we seem to choose without

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