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One-on-One Coaching

Who is the program designed for?
  • People who are ready to make changes
  • People who are willing to shift their beliefs
  • People who are ready to boost their confidence
  • People who are open for growth
  • People who are willing to do the ‘work’
  • People who are ready to be ridiculously happy
  • People who are interested in how The Law of Attraction works
  • People who are ready to upgrade their lives and relationships
What is in the program?
  • Weekly zoom sessions until your vibe is high and consistent (about 8-10 weeks for most people)
  • Sessions every second week once you’ve achieved that consistency to make sure you’re maintaining your alignment until we hit the 3-month mark.
  • Clearing work: Using EFT, Inner Child Work and Freedom Formulas to clear your beliefs
  • A variety of practices to implement in your day to day life
  • I am available for you in between sessions if you need to send a message or a voice text
  • I have WhatsApp dedicated to my private clients only

What you will learn in your one-on-one coaching program

How to create a confidence in you that will make you feel amazing!

By taking away limiting beliefs and changing the way you feel about yourself, look at yourself and talk to yourself, we will unlock the powerful you that you are.

The truth about who you are and what you are capable of so you will no longer be a influenced by people and circumstances

By staying true to who you are, setting healthy boundaries, discovering what you want and how you can stay in your alignment, you will show yourself who you truly are. A confident, beautiful human being who is shining your light.

How to stay in Alignment and raise your vibration

By choosing to feel good, choosing different thoughts, eliminating negative beliefs, you will get into alignment. You will be reconnected with your inner voice and follow the path to more happiness. You will deliberately choose what you want, which will make you a match to what you desire.

How you are creating your reality

By clearing your limiting beliefs and changing the way you feel about you, everything around you will change with you. You can choose, always. You are the the star in the movie called your life!

How to attract the loving relationship you have dreamed of

Once your beliefs have shifted, they are no longer influencing you and your vibration (what you attract) changes. You can attract anything and therefor also the right ‘one’ for you!

Happy Clients

Dani was great to work with. We did a belief tree to help me to clear some of my dominant negative emotions, as well as, some negative beliefs. Dani was super easy to work with and she was very insightful and kind which helped the process go smoothly. I highly recommend working with Dani for any clearing work that you need done.


I was attracted to Dani because her post at over the holidays spoke to me. She guided me through the attraction point audit to help me discover a long held belief that I was invisible, which was monumental because it literally shifted my view of myself in the world. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful this experience has been to me and how much Dani and I connected. More than mere words but soulful and delightfully joyous. I am forever grateful and thankful that she helped me unlock this belief in a way that was understandable and meaningful.


Choose to be happy!

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