One-one-one Single Sessions

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One-on-One Single Sessions

More About Single Sessions

Who are the single sessions for?
  • First time clients who want to find out what it is like to work with me
  • People who are already working with the Law of Attraction
  • People who are ready to take a look at what is stopping them from creating the life they want to create
What is the power?
  • Finding out what your attraction point is to uncover your beliefs and emotions that are blocking you
  • 60-90 minute call to get clarity on what’s going on in your vibration
  • Clearing work around you dominant negative emotion
  • Making a plan to move forward on your journey

Happy Clients

Dani’s coaching is to the point, no nonsense, she goes straight to the core of your problem.She does this in a living way, by asking the right questions and to look and reflect at the issues together in a way that hadn’t thought of. It is a privilege to work with you Dani! Thank you!


I love working with Dani, she has helped me find myself, I have released a lot of negative blocks particularly around self-love and relationships. Dani makes you feel safe in her company I feel I can express myself freely without any judgment, we have laughed and cried together throughout this process. Dani is empathetic, insightful and knowledgeable she knows exactly how to guide your through your limiting beliefs. Thank you Dani for being beautiful Incredible and inspiring


Choose to be happy!

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