It’s all about YOU

This is a message that is Inspired on a Dutch post I read on Facebook yesterday. A lot of people experience their world thru the eyes of another. What ‘they’ say often leads them and influences their behavior, strips them from their power. When you see, that no one has power over you, no one leads your life but you, you can start to make changes. Remember, it is just a belief and a perspective that is practiced over and over again. And you can change that. I hope this resonates with anyone who needs to hear it. It’s all about you.


  • ’They may call you ‘crazy’, because you were born with the gift of seeing things differently
  • They may call you ‘intense’, because you are born with the drive to allow yourself to wholeheartedly live and feel
  • They may call you ‘selfish’, because you discovered that YOU are the most important human in your life
  • They may call you ‘weird’, because you don’t do what the mass of people is doing and you are creating your own reality
  • They may call you ‘absurd’, because you chose to change the beliefs that you were taught early in life, that were disempowering you
  • They may call you ‘disturbing’, because you do things your way, outside of the ‘box’ because you teach, because you help, because you talk about the universe and the existence
  • They may call you ‘dangerous’, because you live life to your standards and you create your reality, just the way you want it
  • They may call you a ‘liar’ because you know we live in a universe with limitless possibilities and that anything is possible if you believe
  • They may ‘judge’ you in all sorts of ways, for a long long time

But when you truly know and feel you are true to yourself, you will feel your essence and you know, they will be silently looking at you. For what you give, what you radiate, what you bring and who you are. Thru your magic. Don’t let yourself be swept away in their story and don’t be discouraged by ‘them’. Instead create your own path and trust your inner guidance. If in doubt, observe with curiosity. If you don’t agree, find your own truth, stand up and step into your power. Open your heart and mind and let the magic in. Feel your essence and embrace your life, with love and light…It’s not about ‘them’ …It’s all about YOU

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