When you feel out of Whack

When you’re present, really present … 

And by being present I mean : Here, fully aware and not being dragged along by your thoughts, you will have all the answers and clarity you are searching for so desperately. Become aware of your thoughts and emotions. Observe them, listen to them, feel them without judgement. Be the observer, almost like you’re watching on the sideline. When you start doing this you become aware… of how much you’re in your head and you may be very surprised when you find out you’re constantly interrupted by the ongoing chatter in the background and how uncomfortable that really is and makes you feel. 

Do you recognize the following?

Your head is creating resistance in all shapes and forms: judging, complaining, criticizing, repetitive and dissatisfied thoughts about all sorts of things in various areas in your life. Emotionally you’ll probably feel an undercurrent of tension, nervousness and boredom, anxiety even fear and unempowered. This is all created by your wonderful mind who’s pushing against anything not experienced, not known, not certain. If you feel like this, then you are, without a doubt, way too much in your head and definitely not in the present moment. It’s time to rearrange those thoughts and beliefs and gain awareness. They are not serving you and they are not about anything in the now. It’s all about the past and the future. And to take it a step further: when you’re not present NOW, that IS what disempowers you and you’re living by default, on autopilot. What if I tell you there is only now? And if not now? When? 

Have you ever told yourself: 

  • I can’t
  • It’s not possible
  • I’m not ready
  • It’s never happened before so why would it now?
  • It’s not who I am
  • I’ve always done it like this
  • I don’t know

Then it is really time to: ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????!

  • They are not true, it’s your perception of ???? ???????????????????? you chose to believe in, nothing more
  • Just because you’ve never chosen something different, does that mean it’s impossible to chose something different?
  • There is no past: there’s only a trail of memories. There is no future: it’s just a made up NOW
  • It’s a mindf*ck! Your mind is conditioned in a way you’ve programmed it. ( by attaching emotions to beliefs and behaving according to your story) 
  • ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ????????????


Are you ready to take back the script of your life? Start NOW: be present! Open your eyes, take a deep breath and look around… it all happens right here. And if you eed help with quieting and reframing the mind? Shoot me a message! 

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